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      Thats a negative on the tents for my family BOB’s.  I have in my bag a 10×10′ aqua quest tarp, 6 MSR stakes, & paracord.  Each person has a SOL escape bivy, and a snugpack patrol poncho and poncho liner (wearable sleeping bag!) which will keep everyone warm and dry….enough.  I keep a packed duffle bag of luxuries that I can grab easily grab if we are driving to get the heck out of dodge, but anything on foot and it gets ditched along with the five gallon containers of water and pet cats. 

      Bugging out isn’t backpacking, and to me the comfort a tent affords isn’t worth the weight and space that could be used on more useful survial gear.  But I also live in NC – the rainy Pacific NW or buggy MN would probably make me reconsider. 

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      I’m curious what people think about using these 3 season tents in the winter? We get harsh winters and I figured double walled mesh tents would end up being cold, breezy and not very nice to sleep in?

      In no way do I feel I should get an Alpine tent. I’m not thinking there would be giant gusts of wind and the like, but there could be heavy snow load.

      I’ve been looking at 3+ season tents or tree line tents, but they are normally way expensive compared to 3 season tents. Some examples are the Marmot Fortress, which I am not able to find anywhere (might be discontinued). The Slingfin Portal (https://www.slingfin.com/products/portal-2). The new Sea to Summit Telos has a 3+ version. No mesh except for some windows (https://seatosummitusa.com/products/telos-plus-2-person-freestanding-tent?variant=38106534969517)

      In the end I’m really questioning how much one would get with less mesh. Does it make a difference at -20c? and what about in the middle of summer (20c). Would I be unbearably hot?

      I’d welcome any insight on this,


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        I use a 3-Season tent in the winter. If I have a sleeping bag rated for the low 20’s with a liner, and a sleeping pad with an R value above 5, I am very comfortable. If I am dealing with a lot of snow, I will use guy lines and put a tarp over my tent to help with the snow load. This will actually create another layer of insulation. Wear wool clothing, and be mindful of sweat/too much heat. 3-Season tents are versatile!

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      Any suggested alternatives to the The North Face’s VE 25 (or a 4 season tent in general)? 

      I’ve been keeping my eye out for several months now, and it is perpetually out of stock everywhere. Not sure if it’s been discontinued or not…

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        Sorry, I don’t have a specific recommendation for a specific alternative to VE 25 atm, I’m actually trying to find out. I’ve emailed TNF to ask them if it’s going to be back in stock. I’ll post back here if and when they reply.