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      great article. love the AQ safari tarp!

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        Thanks! Yeah it’s a fantastic tarp. Just the right size and weight, and still really tough.

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      Love your articles, peeps! Not sure if this is the right place, but I’d like to know more about tips and tricks on: 1) How to tie tarps in general (I never had one, but considering buying one. Have experience camping with tents only, and that’s the extent of it) 2) How to improvise when you don’t have trees and branches available (like when you are in a shelter, as you’ve mentioned in the article). Thanks!

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      backcountry.com has the Kelty Noah’s Tarp @ 50% off.  Great time to grab an extra  (they MSR stakes and tensioners also @ discount).  This tarp is a great alternative to packing a tent in a go bag.  Versatile use for camping, and very light (<3 lbs vs. 6 or 10+ for a 3 person tent).