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      I just spoke with a VIVINT tech about having an alarm installed.  They quoted me $82.59 for the monthly fee and when I balked he lowered it to $62.59.  The most troubling thing is that there is NO self-monitoring option, so the equipment is completely useless if you do not like or want to discontinue their monitoring service.  The quote for equipment was $4,020 (that was also reduced from the initial quote of $7,800).  While this might be worthwhile IF all goes smoothly–and they do have lots of features–I’ve never been truly happy with any monitoring service.  LOL.  Seems like I can’t wait for the contract to end so I can find another or monitor it myself.  Their contract is 60 months.  So $7,797 for five years of parts, installation, and monitoring, after which your system is useless unless you stick with them.  Hmmm….just want others to know in case it saves you some time.  I’m calling Simplisafe next.

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        Hello AZPrepper! Thank you for sharing this!

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      I am looking for a simple system for a vacation home that (1.) has some basic cameras (indoor and outdoor — not alot, maybe one of each?) and (2) indicaitons when people are coming or going.  So motion detection is a biggie.  We’d rather not have to use one that is not monitored by a company.   We don’t want a cloud based system, if at all possible.  We want to keep the data stored locally.  We don’t use Alexa, Google Home, Apple or anything like that.  Privacy is important. (Nothing to hide… just hate the mass data mining/sharing/selling and general loss of privacy).   We aren’t looking for temp/water monitoring, etc.  We have very good wifi.  We could do wired or wireless.  We don’t need/want to monitor pets and general activity in the home.  I’m not a big techie… so the advice for buiding one myself is daunting.  I have seen the prepared posts “Best home alarm systems” and “Best home security cameras” — but still have not found something that seems to make sense.  Thank you in advance for help and suggestions!