• John RameyThe Prepared

    We’ve reviewed over 200 headlamps to pick the best for bug out bags, EDC, and more.

    [See the full post at: Best headlamps for prepping]

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  • Lloyd Graves

    I’ve got an old Petzl with the USB rechargeable battery add on that is somewhere around 10-15 years old, I think. Anyhow, it’s old. And it works great.

    Unfortunately, the headband elastic is shot. Have any of you found any headband replacements? Preferably with an emergency whistle.


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    • John RameyThe Prepared Lloyd Graves

      Found this with a quick google, maybe helpful: https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/FAQ/how-to-order-a-new-headband

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    • Lloyd Graves Lloyd Graves


      Wow. That’s embarrassing. Never thought to even try that, assuming they wouldn’t sell them separately. Thanks.

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