Emergency shelters

Coming 2021

Exposure can kill you even faster than a lack of water. That’s why shelter is a basic survival need and why it’s important that you know how to protect yourself in case you’re caught outside. Maybe your car gets stuck in an overnight snowstorm, you had to evacuate to a makeshift camp during a wildfire, or you’re in a long-term SHTF situation.

Professional instructors with decades of hard-won experience will teach you everything you know about shelters:

  • Why clothing is your most important/basic shelter, what to wear, and how
  • How to make shelter with the common emergency supplies most people should have, such as paracord and tarps
  • How to make improvised shelters using natural and man-made materials
  • What to do in a variety of environments, ranging from deep snow to bare desert and dense cities
  • How to shelter in your home if you lose heat
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